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Nánari upplýsingar

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motlh: aisi, astm, DIN, vI, gb 'ej jis

· Hap 'u':ss440 ss440c ss316 ss316l ss304 ss302 ss420 suj2(gcr15/52100) Carbon Chrome

· size: 0.5 200 mm

· 3 mm, 1 ghap 8, 5 ghap 32, 3 ghap 16, 5 ghap 16, 5 ghap 32, 7 ghap 32, 1 ghap 4, 3 ghap 8,-7 ghap inch 8, 1 ghap 2 1

· grade: g5 g1000

· pa' microelectronic engineering lo'? chemical, mechanical manufacture refined


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